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Jeff Shepard, founder of the Darnell Group, has been active in the power electronics industry for over 23 years. Prior to founding the Darnell Group in 1991, Mr. Shepard had a variety of extensive experiences in the power electronics industry including; Publisher of "Powertechniques Magazine," Marketing Manager for LH Research, co-founder of JETA Power Systems, Inc., author of a book titled "Power Supplies" published by Prentice-Hall and Senior Technology Editor of Power Electronics at "Electronic Engineering Times" newspaper. He gave an invited talk titled "Power Electronics Futures" during the Plenary Session of the 2004 IEEE APEC meeting. Mr. Shepard has chaired several continuing education seminars at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference including "Marketing Strategies and Techniques for the Power Electronics Industry" (1995), "Use of the World Wide Web in the Power Electronics Industry" (1997), and "Power Talk, the Very First APEC Call-in Radio Show" (1999). He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and has had dozens of papers and articles published on various power electronics topics. Complementing his extensive practical experience and technical education in Chemistry and Electrical Engineering, Mr. Shepard has a Masters Degree in Econometrics and Statistical Methods from the University of California.

Richard Ruiz, Research Analyst at Darnell Group, recently participated in updating the ninth edition of Darnell’s in-depth analysis of the dc-dc converter industry. He also recently finished a new digital power report titled "Digital Power Electronics: Current Situation Analysis of OEM Applications, Converter & IC Product Development Trends and Competitive Strategies. He is currently working on a new DC Building Power report titled “DC Building Power: Emerging trends, Application Drivers and Market Adoption Forecasts.” Previous contributions at Darnell include participation in a variety of research projects in a number of industries including ac-dc power supplies, power factor correction, alternative energy markets, telecommunications power systems, ultra-low power, smart grid technology and the digital power market. In addition, Mr. Ruiz is a regular contributor to Darnell in Depth, EDN Power Technology Magazine, Bodos Power Systems and several other publications. He has delivered a number of presentations at several recent industry conferences, including "Power Electronics, the Driving Force behind the Distributed & Co-generation (DCG) market" and "Li-ion and Li-polymer Battery Pack Growth in North America and Asia: A Comparison." At a recent Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) in Anaheim, California, Mr. Ruiz presented a paper titled "The Effect of Market Consolidation on the DC-DC converter Market." Mr. Ruiz has also chaired a number of recent conference sessions, including the 2011 Smart Grid Electronics Forum in San Jose, CA; the 2010 DC Building Power Asia Conference in Tokyo, Japan and the 2011 DC Building Power Asia Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. He has been with the company for 8 years. Prior to joining Darnell, he worked as an economic analyst covering the Information, Manufacturing and Financial Services sectors. Mr. Ruiz has extensive experience in economics, statistics and research in a number of industries, markets and technologies. He holds a B.A. in Economics from California State University at Long Beach with an emphasis in Econometrics and Industrial Organization.

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