Benchmarking Services

"Reducing customer defections by as little as five (percentage) points – from, say 15% to 10% per year – can double profits"
—Fredrick F. Reichheld, "Learning from Customer Defections,"
Harvard Business Review

Darnell Group has a unique benchmarking technique that provides a quantified, independent, third-party analysis of vendor performance and customer perceptions for specific industries. Data collection includes a two-page questionnaire that is designed to assess the company's products, service and capabilities relative to other suppliers. The questionnaire first “qualifies” the respondents by job function and industry, and then identifies three “top” vendors that the company is measured against. Companies can draw on two database options: a general database of responses to compare company performance against general industry customer perceptions; and a specific customer database supplied by the company to measure performance against the perceptions of the company's own customers.

The results include the following “business intelligence tools”:

  • Customer rankings of the company's product offerings, service offerings and supplier capabilities.

  • The company's overall performance relative to other suppliers.

  • Implications about mindshare and market share dynamics.

  • Where a company is likely to fall along a “value map” that indicates whether a company is gaining or losing market share, or whether it is likely to gain or lose market share.

  • plus much much more...

The benchmarking process allows a company to target its resources for the greatest return and allows it to focus on areas of improvement.

Please contact Traci Shepard at +1 (951) 279-6684 x251 or for a schedule and details if you would like to participate.

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